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Modbus Organization

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Modbus News

Modbus Organization Replaces Master-Slave with Client-Server
The Modbus Organization Board of Trustees announces it is expunging all occurrences of inappropriate language of the query and response paradigm of Modbus communications. All instances of "master-slave" in the organization's literature and on its website will be removed.
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Modbus Security - A New Protocol to Improve Control System Security
The new protocol provides robust protection through the blending of Transport Layer Security (TLS) with the traditional Modbus protocol. Download a a free copy of the specification at
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Product News

Prosoft Technology, Inc. offering IIoT solutions with Industrial Wireless Interfaces and Stand-Alone Gateways featuring Modbus communications.
ProSofts suite of remote connectivity solutions is designed to help you gain secure, streamlined access to your remote equipment from one cloud-native platform that you can access from anywhere, reducing your support travel costs. There is operational data within nearly every piece of equipment in your facility and you can use it to make changes that will positively affect your facility. ProSofts in-chassis modules and standalone gateways have been used for nearly 30 years to connect disparate equipment, the first step on the path to showing ROI from your IIoT improvements.
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D+H Mechatronic AG Modbus gateway enables communication between the full line of Building Automation Controllers with integrated AdComNet bus and Modbus-based solutions.
Features include: Universal gateway for connecting AdComNet to a Modbus network,200 user configurable Modbus inputs (alarm, fault, LT), Ability to connect to other fields such as building management system or touch panel via Modbus, Simple integration into the AdComNet network, Power supply possible via SHEV control panel- see more attached
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Belimo provides a full range of devices for Direct Digital Control (DDC) for Building Automation Control (BAC) with integrated digital communications protocols Modbus and BACnet.
System integrators can take full advantage of Belimo field devices' flexible control with built-in BACnet or Modbus digital communication protocols. Actuators and sensors integrated directly to the Building Management System which allows the system integrator to utilize existing industry software to perform all required field device setups, monitoring, and control of connected devices. No additional hardware is required, thus eliminating errors and reducing commissioning time. Expensive home-run wiring associated with traditional DDC systems connected to analog field devices is avoided.
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Pheonix Contacts releases New INLINE bus coupler with Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
With the new IL ETH BK-PAC Inline bus coupler for Modbus/TCP (UDP), Phoenix Contact is expanding its product portfolio for setting up remote I/O solutions in the control cabinet. The bus coupler with IP20 degree of protection supports all available Inline I/O modules including the branch modules for opening a remote bus branch. It adds another network to the portfolio of the new generation of the compact Inline bus coupler. The new bus coupler with two RJ45 ports each enables daisy-chain wiring and automatically detects the network and local bus speed. The firmware update capability means that the latest firmware can always be loaded onto the device.
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Applied Motion Products, Inc. offers Drives and integrated motors with real time Modbus communications.
The Series Features -High performance motion control for step motors, servo motors, and StepSERVO closed loop products -Real time command and query using Modbus TCP protocol -Easily interface to popular PLCs and HMIs
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Pepperl+Fuchs Comtrol DeviceMaster MOD is the most innovative Modbus gateway available today.
Flexible, versatile, and highly configurable, the DeviceMaster MOD provides unmatched connectivity for a vast array of Modbus implementations. Transparent communications is provided whether your Modbus slave device is Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII serial, is local or remote; or whether your Raw/ASCII device is connected via serial or Ethernet TCP/IP.
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MQTT Gateways Create an Easy Way to Move Factory Floor Data to Cloud Application Services
Real Time Automation releases the MQTT protocol on their bestselling 460 industrial gateway line. With an MQTT protocol gateway, it is easier than ever before to move industrial device data to cloud applications like AWS IoT Core, IT or enterprise systems.
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Opto 22's groov RIO® Ethernet edge I/O ships with PID, SSH, and LDAP support
Closely following the initial launch of groov RIO in early 2020, Opto 22 has further expanded the remote I/O, connectivity, and security features of its edge I/O module with the release of its version 3.0 firmware.
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Phoenix Contact releases unmanaged switch series with new capabilities
The FL SWITCH 1000 features automation protocol prioritization (APP), making it easy to prioritize important traffic. Mission-critical industrial communications, such as Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and BACnet, are sent through the network first.
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Hilscher's New M.2 Format PCI Express Card Supports Fieldbuses and Real-Time Ethernets
At the heart of the M.2 2230 card is Hilscher's award-winning netX 90 multiprotocol communication chip. M.2 card users can choose among loadable firmware for PROFINET IO-Device, EtherNet/IP Adapter, EtherCAT and OpenModbus/TCP.
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Announcing Acromag's new Vertu™ brand of universal input displays
These instruments combine the digital indicator function of a panel meter with optional signal conditioning for 4-20mA transmitter output and/or alarm trip solid-state relays. Big, bright 1.2 inch (31mm) numerals are clearly visible from far away, even in bright sunlight. Modbus RTU also supported.
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Extend the Life of your Legacy DCS System by Getting Access to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Devices over Modbus
Softing's versatile Linking Device and Modbus Gateway (FG-200) integrates up to four FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus (FF) H1 links into control systems supporting HSE or Modbus.
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Fieldbus International releases WirelessHART adapter with Modbus RTU interface: the T910.
The T910 allows up to 8 device variables (floating point or integer) and an extensive array of device status indicators to be passed from the Modbus device over the WirelessHART network.
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Weinzierl offers powerful and compact KNX Gateway to Modbus
The device enables the interpretation and scaling of Modbus data according to the data point types of the KNX standard. It can be used as Modbus client or server.
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Softing Presents Connectivity Solutions for The Process Industry
Softing's smartGate product family supports users in integrating disparate protocols, ensures end-to-end digital data exchange, and enables greater efficiency and flexibility in production.
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