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Modbus System Integrator Directory

Modbus maintains a database of companies that supply System Integration services using the Modbus protocol. This is useful for users looking for anything from assistance with Modbus applications to complete turn-key automation installations. This list is always growing and changing. If you are a system integrator and do not find your company listed here, please visit our Contact Page to find out how to be listed.

Please note that the information below is provided by the respective suppliers, and that these listings do not constitute any endorsement or warranty on the part of the Modbus Organization.

Company Description
Control Solutions, Inc.

Control Solutions, Inc., a Minnesota corporation founded in 1995, offers a line of network gateways and control products tailored to facility management, building automation, telecommunications, and remote monitoring & control.
D+H Mechatronic AG

You breathe in and out approximately 23,000 times every day. From the day you are born until the day you die. That makes air a basic element of life - and for about 50 years now a basic element of our work. As a leading provider of solutions for smoke extraction and ventilation, we produce innovative ideas to provide for optimum indoor climate in hundreds of thousands of buildings worldwide and enough air to stay alive in the event of an emergency. D+H Group today encompasses 9 subsidiaries and about 130 partners and customers around the world.
Real Time Automation

Real Time Automation delivers easy to use, simple to maintain networking solutions. Whether you need an off the shelf gateway to move data between different networks, a daughter card to network enable a serial device, or source code to add to your embedded processors - Real Time Automation is here to help. Our simple solutions and industry leading support are guaranteed to save you time, money and headaches. You get support from an engineer who developed the product and a product made in the USA that is always stocked. With RTA you can take a solution from discovered to implemented in a day. RTA's team of leading automation engineers has a proven track record of delivering on time, on budget, and to conformance standards, with its vast working knowledge of Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, LonWorks, PROFINET IO, Profibus, AS Interface, CANopen, and BACnet.
Afcon Software and Electronics Ltd.AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd. develops and markets efficient and intuitive software solutions for SCADA/HMI. AFCON's products provide tools for a wide range of applications, project integration and interaction between people and machines, over a range of fields covering Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Security Systems, Telemetry, OEM applications, Telemedicine and more. Founded in 1984, AFCON Software and Electronics Ltd. was one of the first software companies to pioneer the development of SCADA/HMI systems for complete industrial automation solutions. AFCON's products are installed and applied in more than 45,000 industrial sites worldwide. Pulse SCADA/HMI is the most recent evolution of AFCON's proven P-CIM for SCADA solutions. Pulse is a novel environment for the integration of monitoring and control of multiple types of applications specializing in industrial automation, fire and safety, security and building management systems.
AlertonAlerton is a leader in interoperable building automation systems (BAS).
Betec Electronic GmbHBetec Engineering's development team has extensive experience in industrial electronics. They work cooperatively on complex tasks in hardware and software, bringing innovative ideas to manufacturing reliably and economically. Together with the users, technical designers and buyers, they define a project's requirements, then set their development engineers to creating the new design, coordinating hardware and software development into prototyypes, optimizing the new product until the prototype passes testing and is ready for production. In short, Betec offers technical support during product and process development; hardware and software design, system development, and housing prototyping.
BluFlo CorporationBluFlo provides Internet technologies for remote monitoring and control to the oil and gas industry.
CASCAS provides real time and embedded solutions, including turnkey systems for monitoring/control and software development for real time distributed systems - software libraries of more than 1000000 source code lines used as building blocks in numerous applications. We use modern tools (mainly ORACLE and Microsoft frameworks) including high level languages, e.g. C#, C++, Modula-2, Java, Pascal (Delphi), Ada, etc., and operating systems: Windows, Linux and real-time Linux. We build open distributed applications using XML SQL, COM+, OPC, ODBC, etc. Safe operation of the systems is guaranteed by technologies such as VLAN, VPN, public key infrastructure, etc.
Control Manufacturing Co IncFluidIQs applies digital technology in the industrial environment. The company system expertise includes PLCs, remote telemetry units (RTUs), PC-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), distributed control systems (DCS), wired and wireless telemetry, information systems, fiber-optic networks, instrumentation, and motor controls. Capabilities include engineering services, manufacturing, field services, and customer training. FluidIQs specializes in turnkey control system projects in a variety of municipal markets.
Curry Controls CompanyModpac Plus RF Modem provides RF linking between Modbus and Modbus Plus devices.
Custom Automation, Inc.Custom Automation has been designing and building industrial control systems since 1983. Committed to open standards like Modbus, the company partners with quality hardware and software vendors that share that commitment. Custom Automation specializes in building turnkey SCADA systems employing IEC 61131-3 standardized PLC programming, industrial network infrastructure using hardened wired/fiber/wireless network components, and seamless integration with enterprise systems. With roots in aerospace engineering, Custom Automation adheres to the strict disciplines of clearly written requirements, design reviews, testing, training, and documentation.
D&D Automation, Inc.D&D is a team of automation engineering specialists who provide customized controls and automation solutions to machine builders, contractors, and manufacturers worldwide. D&D's focus is state-of-the-art discrete and process controls technology, and how it applies to the efficiency of your industrial automation procedures.We ensure that D&D's comprehensive consultations are innovative and cost-effective solutions designed specifically for your business. Our system implementations are supported as a natural component of long-term business relations. Discrete and Process Controls.
Data and Design Enterprises, Inc.Data & Design offers full service Software Engineering, which includes custom software and hardware design and development using Microsoft Net technologies. The company developed the software to collect and monitor data for the City of Philadelphia's Water Department, which involved connecting to 200 PLCs running the Modbus protocol. Other projects involved writing firmware for gas analyzers on an embedded processor using Modbus protocol to communicate with base stations using CSharp as the language of choice on the PCs. Data & Design also developed HMI applications for gateways converting Modbus/TCP, Lonworks, Profibus, Ethernet/IP, Metasys, and Devicenet protocols to Modbus.
Dr SCADA AutomationFounded in 1982, DrSCADA Automation is a multi-disciplined team of professionals involved in various aspects of automation, real-time programming, hardware and software development. We work with our customers to meet their SCADA needs as they see them, providing consulting, RTUs, protocols and complete SCADA systems.
Ewing|KesslerE|K AUTOMATION specializes in providing total building automation and integration solutions from concept, design, to fully installed and managed systems. Focusing on the total system provides innovative, customized, broad-spectrum plans for the future based on individual needs and desires. Committed to relationships, dedicated to service, and responsive to the needs of the client, E|K AUTOMATION is a privately owned regional company located in Hernando, MS.
FSC, Inc.FSC, Inc. is an independent software vendor providing IT solutions for property managers in the Federal Enterprise. The company's Federal Real Property Management/Energy Consumption application supports the requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and includes an EDI module for processing invoices received from utilities that are in electronic format. Our advance meter module uses Modbus protocol to collect interval data on an enterprise basis.
GEFRAN Inc.The Gefran group is based in Italy. The company's activity is divided into four main areas of business: sensors, components for automation, systems and motion control. Gefran offers high-tech products and fully integrated systems, acting as a single source supplier for the market.
GOAP d.o.o.GOAP computer engineering and process automation d.o.o. Nova Gorica is well known in Slovenia and abroad as a provider of building automation (hotels, entertainment centres, business premises); passenger ship automation; industrial process automation; and development of control equipment (e.g., regulators, sensors).
Innoventor, Inc.Innoventor is an engineering services company that provides solutions to satisfy clients' technical as well as economic requirements.
Integrasense IncorporatedIntegrasense Inc. is a manufacturer of a wide variety of electronic control hardware and software products, Sensors and Automation solutions. Our products are all designed and manufactured in the USA. Products include Energy BTU meter systems, Process controllers for temperature, Brewery Fermenting and Carbonation control, Flow metering, Dispenser Batch controls and much more. All of our products support Modbus communications along with a variety of other protocols such as Bacnet IP, Bacnet MSTP, Modbus TCP, Hart, Bluetooth, Wifi etc.
IntegraXorSystem Integration solution provider using various brands PLC and HMI/SCADA software
KALKI Communication TechnologiesKalkiTech is a leader in standards based control, communication and computing solutions for the Energy Automation Industry. The company helps organizations design, develop and deploy intelligent products and systems that measure, monitor, control, visualize, manage and optimize the energy flow across the entire energy value chain - exploration, production, processing, conversion, renewable energy, transmission, distribution, trading, storage and consumption.
Korenix Technologies Co., Ltd.Korenix Technology is devoted to designing and manufacturing quality Industrial Networking & Communication Products, such as industrial managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches; PoE managed and unmanaged switches; communication computers; serial device servers; and Ethernet-based block I/O modules. Korenix products are widely applied in vertical markets globally, including transportation, industrial automation/factory management/facility management, energy/environment monitoring/equipment control, military, POS/banking/telecommunications, and medicine. Korenix also provides tailor-made services.
MESCO Engineering GmbHMESCO realizes complete product development for measurement and automatic control technology. The company's software engineering services include PC programs, real-time operating systems, WEB technology, and industrial communication. Hardware engineering services include tasks with Embedded controller, Embedded WEB servers, DSP technology, EMC, and intrinsic safety. Efficient project development is accomplished by qualified engineers and a consistent application of planning methods.
Odyssey ControlsOdyssey Controls offers solutions for industrial control and automation that range from the simplest electrical components to the most sophisticated programmable control systems. With over 10 years experience in the industry, the Odyssey team covers a broad range of project activities. This allows for a diverse product and service portfolio, with an emphasis being placed on design to build enclosures and turn-key control systems.
Omnipotence SoftwareOmnipotence Software offers ECS, an all-purpose/object-oriented automation program for commercial and industrial environments. Automated tasks may be implemented via simple time-based schedules and/or English-like scripts. ECS may be accessed from web browsers, webphones, and PDAs. ECS supports ModBus devices via a general-purpose Object Class that can read/write to any ModBus register.
Open Control SolutionsOpen Control Solutions (OCS) is a division of Data Flow Systems, Inc., the manufacturer and turn-key supplier of the TAC II SCADA System since 1981. Open Control Solutions was formed to supply open-architecture products to industries such as petroleum, power generation, fluid transmission, food and beverage, and compressed gases. The company's PLCs are easily programmed and installed by the end user. The RIO128 offers 40 digital inputs, 40 digital outputs, 40 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs all on one compact rail-mounted board. The TCU (T2000) is an ideal constant-speed controller. The use of a T2000 eliminates most of the components found in a control panel. All previously mentioned products include a Modbus interface.
Parijat Controlware, Inc.Parijat SCADA/HMI Development System, Visual Basic modules and ActiveX controls for design of SCADA/HMI systems. Complete system configuration is done via a Microsoft Access or MS SQL database. (
Pyramid Solutions, Inc.Pyramid Solutions is a premier software engineering and systems integration firm founded in 1990. Our Communication Systems Group specializes in product development and enabling network connectivity through software engineering, network protocol integration and leveraging key connectivity products from Pyramid Solutions and strategic partners.
Salem Automation Inc.Automation solutions and cost-effective programming services to manufacturing companies; Staff experience in distributed process control systems, programmable controller based systems and computer based process control. Industry experience in Textile, Food, Tobacco, Chemical (Batch and Continuous), Metals, Utilities, Furniture, Tire and Pharmaceutical.
Sales Technology, Inc.STI manufactures and stocks several standard products, including low-cost accelerometers; accelerometer mounting accessories and tools; accelerometer extension cables; junction boxes; switch boxes; monitors/transmitters; tachometers; basic monitoring systems. The company also offers custome design and systems integration services.
SCADAware, Inc.SCADAware, Inc. (known as the Springfield Automation group from 1994 through 2000) is located in Bloomington, Illinois. This experienced force provides product sales, control system integration, software design, service and support. Scadaware specializes in PC-based control systems, field-bus I/O systems, PC-based client server SCADA systems, custom communication drivers and utilities, Custom Software Design, PLC controls and enterprise-level data acquisition and reporting. Most products required to build each system are available from SCADAware, Inc. along with the engineering and programming necessary to complete a turn-key solution.
SELETEC SrlFor over twenty years, SELETEC has been designing and manufacturing electronic devices for medical gas systems and been providing systems integration in the field of monitoring and control systems for industrial plants, especially whenever medical, scientific or technical gases are to be used.
Stellar Tech Energy Services Inc.Stellar Tech Energy Services Inc. is a design and integration, manufacturing and service company for the oil industry.
Tate Engineering Systems IncProcess control and engineered systems. Tate Engineering Systems, Inc. acts as a distributor, agent, representative or integrator of boilers and related products, compressed air products, filters, pumps, meters, and other specialty products. "The application-engineering component involved in the specification, selection and application of these engineered products as solutions to specific customer problems are at the heart of Tate's value-added business strategy."
Valquest Systems, Inc.Valquest Systems creates monitoring and control equipment for electric utilities.
Viklele AssociatesViklele Associates offers cutting-edge technology solutions for data acquisition, process monitoring and automation requirements for our customers.