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9804 Whithorn Dr.
Houston, TX 77095 USA

Phone: +1 346-292-9998
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ICPDAS offers embedded control and data acquisition systems.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
tGW-700Network GatewayModbus, Modbus TCPThe tGW-700 is a Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII gateway that enables a Modbus/TCP host to communicate with serial Modbus RTU/ASCII devices through an Ethernet network, and eliminates the cable length limitation of legacy serial communication devices.
TPD-280 Touchscreen ControllerControllerModbus, Modbus TCPTouchPAD is a tiny touch screen controller HMI which is designed for building and home automation. TPD-280 is equipped with a high resolution TFT color touch screen and fits in regular electrical wall-mount outlets. TPD-280U features a real time clock and a USB port for convenient interfacing with a PC.
uPAC-7186EG/DControllerModbus, Modbus TCPuPAC-7186EG/D is an Advanced Ethernet ISaGRAF uPAC. It can send emails with an attachment to up to 10 recipients at a time. It has a data acquisition auto reporting system. ISaGRAF PACs can use UDP IP Client to auto-report acquisition data & control data to local or remote internet PC/Server. uPAC-7186 controllers have RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, and Modbus RTU/TCP communication ports.
M-7000 Series ControllersControllerModbusThe M-7000 series is a family of network data acquisition and control modules that support Modbus RTU and DCON protocols. With the Modbus RTU protocol, it easily communicate with most popular SCADA/ HMI software and PLC. It has the same form factor as the I-7000 series.