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ScadaBase Real-time SCADA Application


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
ScadaBase Real-time SCADA ApplicationSoftware - SCADAModbus, Modbus TCP/IPScadaBase collects, delivers and presents real-time supervisory control and data acquisition information. Graphical displays assist plant operators with control operations to optimize processes in industrial and utility plants. ScadaBase is designed with portable UNIX?-based multi-user, multi-processing, and scalable capabilities. ScadaBase features exception-based processing for efficient low network traffic. Modular design allows for efficiency with update and add-on features, as well as a flexible user interface. Standard socket calls using interprocess communications allow software modules to be hosted on the same system or be distributed across TCP/IP LAN. ScadaBase can simultaneously support a large number of HMI operator consoles. Drivers are available for a variety of PLCs, FEPs, DCSs, RTUs, and other intelligent electronic devices.