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OleumTech Corporation

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23 Hubble
Irvine, CA 92618 USA

Phone: +1 949-305-9009
Fax: +1 949-305-9010
Web Site:


OleumTech is the developer of the patented WIO System extending the physical reach of installed wireless SCADA systems and providing economies of scale to RTU/PLC IOs. The WIO system transforms legacy control infrastructures to a Wireless SCADA infrastructure.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
WIOŽ Flow Totalizer TransmitterMonitoring HardwareModbus RTUThe Flow Totalizer Transmitter is part of the WIOŽ family of wireless products by OleumTech. This Flow Totalizer is a wireless solution for monitoring both flow rate and volume with the high degree of accuracy and precision necessary in industrial process control applications. This device is self-contained and battery-powered making it ideal for use in remote and hazardous locations without power or communication line.
H-Series, Continuous Liquid Level SensorSensorModbus RTUH-Series,Continuous Liquid Level Sensors deliver magnetostrictive sensing technology suitable for a wide variety of liquids and tank applications..
WIOŽ Wireless Base Unit, WM2000-002Remote Terminal UnitModbusOleumTech's Wireless Base Unit combines a data acquisition board, and a proprietary radio module for use in SCADA and wireless telemetry applications. Multi-input unit capable of accepting four analog inputs (0-5V), two DIs and two DOs for a variety of monitoring and control applications.