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eze System, Inc.

Member: Yes


785 Orchard Dr., #100
Folsom, CA 95630 USA

Phone: +1 716 393-9330 +1 888 393-9330 (toll free in USA)
Fax: +1 916 256-2001
Web Site:


The ezeio system is a complete solution for monitoring, alarming and controlling remote devices and systems. The low-cost, secure and feature-rich ezeio Controller connects to sensors, actuators and Modbus devices, while it communicates with the cloud service via the Internet. Real-time and historic data is easily and securely accessed from any web browser, while all data and settings are automatically backed up in multiple data centers. The ezeio system is designed for fast mass deployment, and is used for energy monitoring/management, HVAC systems, temperature and CO2 monitoring/alarming, lighting control, water metering and many other applications all over the world. The ezeio system is designed and produced by eze System, Inc. in California, USA.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
ezeio controllerControllerModbus RTUThe ezeio controller connects to analog sensors, switches and Modbus RTU devices locally, and communicates via the Internet to the cloud service. Designed from the ground up for Internet connectivity, the system is secure and reliable as well as easy to set up. The ezeio supports logging, alarming, automation and control functions with an easy-to-use configuration system. More advanced logic can be added with built-in script support. The web/cloud based interface allows multiple simultaneous users and account level access to any number of field units.
ezeio mkII controllerControllerModbus RTU, Modbus TCPThe ezeio is a complete solution for monitoring, alarming, control and automation of commercial and industrial equipment. The ezeio hardware connects to sensors, meters, thermostats, VFD's and other control devices locally via several industry standard interfaces. It communicates securely and seamlessly via a built-in global cellular modem, or optionally via Ethernet, to the cloud application where the user can access all data in real time as well as historical, set alarms, timers, schedules and custom logic. All configuration settings and programming is done via the cloud interface, allowing multiple concurrent users, automatic synchronization and secure access from anywhere without any special software or setup.