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Digi International

Member: No


11001 Bren Road East
Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA

Phone: 877-912-3444
Fax: 952-912-4952
Web Site:
Contact: Lynn Linse


Digi International's extensive range of products includes device servers, terminal servers, console management, asynchronous, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and now embedded technology to enable a virtually unlimited number of devices or users to connect locally or remotely to LANs, multi-user systems and the Internet.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
PortServer TS HCC MEINetwork Host AdapterModbus, Modbus TCPThe PortServer TS HCC MEI family of device servers delivers high-performance serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. It is designed specifically for traffic management applications where extended vibration, temperature and moisture tolerance is required.
XCELL - Remote Access Server XC 35Misc. HardwareModbus TCP/IPThe RAS server XC35 allows to a client to connect via a modem to any Ethernet network and to program PLCs, access to WEB servers...without any particular software on the client or any particular configuration in the PLCs.
Digi-IA Product FamilyNetwork GatewayModbus, Modbus TCP/IPThe Digi-IA family of products supplies Ethernet to Serial communications supporting Modbus/TCP <> Modbus/RTU (or ASCII) bridging. The same firmware also supports most other protocols in raw tunneling or as a remote comm port from Windows or Unix computers.