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KALKI Communication Technologies

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9900 Westpark Dr, Suite 284
Houston, TX 77063 USA

Phone: +1-832-922-8910
Fax: +1 313-557-4640
Web Site:


KalkiTech is a leader in standards based control, communication and computing solutions for the Energy Automation Industry. The company helps organizations design, develop and deploy intelligent products and systems that measure, monitor, control, visualize, manage and optimize the energy flow across the entire energy value chain - exploration, production, processing, conversion, renewable energy, transmission, distribution, trading, storage and consumption.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
SYNC 3000Network GatewayModbus RTU, Modbus TCPHigh end field device with up to 16 serial channels, 4 Ethernet channels (FO or Base-T) for large scale protocol conversion/concentration. Supports all features of SYNC2000 with additional processing power, RAM and storage capacities.
SYNC 1000Network GatewayModbus RTU, Modbus TCPSYNC1000 is a last mile small form factor field device that can act as a communicable remote monitoring and control node for individual data sources for applications like transformer monitoring, meter reading, retrofitting legacy devices with new protocols, serial to Ethernet/PPP converter, bump-in-the-wire security adapter, 61850 proxy GGIO gateway and M2M Node with VPN, SMS, IEc 60870-5-101,IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 Support. The device comes with optional built-in wireless modems and digital and analog IO, is built to withstand outdoor conditions and can act as a mini pole-top RTU.
SYNC 2000Network GatewayModbus RTU, Modbus TCPSYNC 2000 is KEMA certified for 61850 Server and is IEC 61850-3 Compliant Mid-sized field device with up to 6 serial channels, 2 Ethernet channels, optional modem card and IO board for applications like substation protocol converters, data loggers, low end data concentration, multi-protocol mapping, industrial complex meter gateway, building automation with all major open standards as well as select proprietary protocols support.
Sub-Station Gateways, Network GatewayModbusKalki Sub-Station Gateway Lite family of protocol converters are solutions for sub-station and communication integration requirements for the Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Oil & Gas and Automation Industries. These devices support new and high speed standards like IEC 61850 and IEC 104 and integrate in a secure manner with local and national grids at the same time being able to talk within the sub-station on standards like IEC 103, DNP3, Modbus, SPA, Courier, DLMS/IEC 62056.