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ul. Chodkiewicza 1A
94 - 028 Lodz, POLAND

Phone: +48 42 686 25 47
Fax: +48 42 686 50 28
Web Site:


CAS provides real time and embedded solutions, including turnkey systems for monitoring/control and software development for real time distributed systems - software libraries of more than 1000000 source code lines used as building blocks in numerous applications. We use modern tools (mainly ORACLE and Microsoft frameworks) including high level languages, e.g. C#, C++, Modula-2, Java, Pascal (Delphi), Ada, etc., and operating systems: Windows, Linux and real-time Linux. We build open distributed applications using XML SQL, COM+, OPC, ODBC, etc. Safe operation of the systems is guaranteed by technologies such as VLAN, VPN, public key infrastructure, etc.


Product Name Type Connectivity Product Description
CAS CommServerSoftware - OPCModbusConfigurable OPC server providing multi-protocol, multi-medium and multi-channel redundant access to physical process control device data. CommServer offers the possibility of using many communication protocols simultaneously, parallel handling of independent communication channels and redundant links with remote physical devices. Users can define logical sets of devices (segments) with common address or scanning rules. New protocols can be added with plug-ins. It provides the possibility of using various communication media simultaneously, including copper and fibreoptic wires, digital radio, ISDN, GSM and satellite transponders. Physical data communication network is monitored and the acquired diagnostic data are provided as OPC tags.
Modbus MeasurementSoftware - OtherModbusA tool for testing communication over Modbus protocol.