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Schneider Electric SA

Atrium Unity Processors, TSX PCI 57 ..4M

Type:  Controller
Description:  Atrium TSX PCI 57 ..4M slot PLCs are PC format cards (PCI 32-bit/25?33 MHz bus) to be integrated into a PC running under Windows 2000 or Windows XP. This combination of PLC and PC optimizes performance in applications requiring, for example, a higher level of communication, control or supervision functions. The slot PLC manages the entire PLC station, which comprises the same I/O modules as Premium processors (discrete, analog, application-specific and communication.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Premium Unity Processors manage PLC station with 4 to 16 extendable racks; 512 to 2048 discrete I/Os; 24 to 256 analog I/Os; 10 to 20 regulation channels; 8 to 64 specific modules; 1 to 4 networks; 0 to 8 industrial buses.
Specifications:  RS 485/RS232 up to 19200 bps