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National Instruments Corporation

Real-Time Embedded Vision System, EVS-1464RT

Type:  Controller
Description:  Rugged automation controller that combines industrial camera connectivity with open communication. The NI EVS-1464RT is designed to acquire and process images in real time from multiple IEEE 1394 and GigE Vision cameras for machine vision applications such as high-speed sorting, assembly verification, and packaging inspection. Send commands and data to other devices, such as PLCs and operator interfaces, using Ethernet protocols such as TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP, as well as serial protocols such as RS232 and Modbus serial.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP
Features:  Fanless, machine vision system; Intel??® Core Duo® processor (1.66 GHz); 2 GB solid-state drive and external flash; 1 GB DDR2 memory; Connectivity Options: GigE Vision and IEEE 1394 IIDC native camera support; 29 reconfigurable digital I/O lines ? TTL and isolated
Specifications:  Real-time OS (PharLap); 110 by 200 by 220 mm; 3.76 kg; Optically Isolated Inputs and Outputs;