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Yaskawa Electric America, Inc.

V1000 Current Vector Drive

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  The V1000 is a compact current vector drive.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP
Features:  Ratings: 1/8 to 5 HP at 240 VAC 1-ph, 1/8 to 25 HP (ND) at 240 VAC 3-ph, 1/2 to 25 HP (ND) at 480 VAC 3-ph; Overload Capacity: 150% for 60 sec. (Heavy Duty), 120% for 60 sec. (Normal Duty); Control Methods: V/f Control, Open Loop Current Vector Control, PM Open Loop Current Vector Control, Simple closed loop speed control; DC injection braking, ramp to stop; Electronic reversing; Adjustable accel/decel:0.01 to 6000 seconds; Controlled speed range: 40:1(1) 100:1(2); Speed Regulation: 0.5 to 1% with slip compensation(1), 0.2%(2)
Specifications:  Displacement power factor: 0.98; Output frequency: 0 to 400 Hz; Frequency resolution: 0.01 Hz with digital reference, 0.06/60 Hz with analog reference; Frequency accuracy: 0.01% with digital command, 0.5% with analog command; Volts/hertz ratio: infinitely adjustable pattern; DC Injection braking: adjustable amplitude, duration, current limited; Torque boost: full range, auto; Power loss ride-thru: 0.5 sec.; Speed search; Auto restart; 3 Critical frequency rejection settings; Slip Compensation; Enhanced PID with loss of feedback function