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APEX Automation Technologies GmbH

PAD-120e, model 20102030 & 20102032

Type:  Controller
Description:  The PDnetIP-Controller PAD-120e is an active PAB1-networking node. The PDnetIP-Controller PAD-120e is applicable for Schneider Electric's Modicon TSX Compact A120. Equipped with an Ethernet 10/100Base T RJ45 connector and optionally with an 100Base-FX MT-RJ connector and Modbus TCP the PDnetIP-Controller PAD-120e allows communication with diverse terminal devices. The necessary information for communication is configured by the APEX-Software NetPro in advance and is stored in non-volatile memory. Communication between the PAD-120e Controller and SPS is handled via Special Function Blocks (SFB).
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Central processing units: ALU 200, ALU 201, ALU 202, ALU 204, ALU 205; PAB1-Interface: 8KB DPM, usable in the primary subrack; Base rack, +5 V (+/-5%) / 900mA von PAB1-Interface; LAN- access: 10/100Base T RJ45 connector and optional 100Base-FX MT-RJ connector; RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 or 20mA, 50 - 115.200 Baud, 9- pole sub D- connector (female); Intel 386EX, 2 MB CMOS-RAM and 2 MB Flash-EPROM; Module case A120
Specifications:  Handles up to 32 connections simultaneously; One station (IP-Address) can simultaneously operate several connections to the PDnetIP-Controllers for better communication speed.