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Virtual Extension

VEmesh Wireless Mesh Network

Type:  Modem
Description:  VEmesh is a wireless mesh network that connects Modbus devices and serves as a transparent wireless cable replacement. Operating in the ISM frequency ranges and based on synchronized flooding technology, VEmesh provides highly reliable and cost effective bi-directional wireless communication. The network's design incorporates a built-in secured message delivery, eliminating the need for routing, configuration and healing processes, to create a modular solution with no practical limitation to the number of nodes and to the coverage area.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Mesh topology with any node to any node bi-directional communication; Synchronous-flooding enables multiple, simultaneous signal paths for no single point of failure, superior handling of obstructions and interferences, robustness and increased range; No-knowledge, no-training installation & maintenance; Instant addition and removal of sensor nodes - no downtime of network; no need to develop network managing software, almost no integration effort; Frequency Hopping technique for high resistance to interference; Very low power consumption; Mobility of gateway and nodes
Specifications:  Frequency Band: Unlicensed, 902-928 MHz (US), 863-870 MHz (Europe), 950.8 - 955.8 MHz (Japan), also available for other regions; Channel spacing: 256 KHz; RF hops: 51; Output Power: +8 dBm (Low Power)/+30 dBm (High Power); FHSS with at least 51 pseudo-random frequency hops; Additional I/O interfaces & protocols: ICP/IP, UART - transparent & buffered, RS485, I2C, M-Bus, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), Custom; Sync LED indicator