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Virtual Extension

VEmesh E2D Modbus Bridge to wireless DALI smart lighting

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  VEmesh Modbus Bridges help to measure the energy consumption of DALI luminaires in smart lighting wireless networks, using Modbus electrical meters. The communication uses the VEmesh wireless mesh technology, which is normative in IEC 62386-104 Wireless DALI standard. The VEmesh E2D are high-performance smart lighting networks that are cloud managed and capable to connect up to 16,000 devices (such as DALI luminaires and Modbus sensors) per network and up to 256 networks per system.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  E2D Modbus Bridge is part of VEmesh E2D cloud controlled family of high performance smart lighting wireless control; uses the VEmesh network wireless technology that is normative in IEC Wireless DALI standard; allows to collect data and to manage Modbus RTU devices in industrial and smart city deployments.
Specifications:  Standard Modbus RTU communications; operates with DALI smart lighting devices that follow IEC62386 protocols; uses VEmesh wireless technology that is normative in IEC 62386-104 Wireless DALI standard; wireless Mesh network with 1 to 31 hops; operates in the robust Sub-1 GHz ISM/SRD frequency bands; supports RF wireless regulations of Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Israel; EIA/TIA-485 interface; DIN Rail (EN 60715) 3M Modulbox case.