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Domat Control System s.r.o.

UC200 Room thermostat/temperature controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  UC200 is a communicative room heating and cooling controller with two binary inputs, two PWM outputs and a room sensor for control of a radiator or electrical heater and chilled ceiling. It is part of the UC... family with various I/O configurations. The controller is easy to operate with a turn/push button and features a legible 60 x 60 mm LCD display and a weekly time scheduler with RTC
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  The controller reads actual room temperature, setpoint shift by a knob, and set operation status is set by short push of the knob (Comfort/Standby/Off/Party/Time schedule) and/or binary inputs (presence/card reader, window contact). Each operation mode has independent heating and cooling setpoints. Measured and set values are processed in a PI algorithm, at the output of which there is a PWM controlled triac. The output works either as PWM controlled by a PI controller, or on/off (thermostat). The functionality and control parameters, i.e. P and I constants, and hysteresis, can be set with a free configuration software, or by direct writing into the Modbus registers.
Specifications:  See attached data sheet.