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Logic Beach Inc.

IntelliLogger IL-Mini

Type:  Monitoring Hardware
Description:  Stand-alone data logging and alarming instrument
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Query connected Modbus 'smart' transducers for Register values and use them in the IntelliLogger Program Net simultaneously with other hardwired inputs; Expose internal registers to other Modbus devices for use in their algorithms; Remotely control IntelliLogger outputs via Modbus communications from a Modbus Master; Adjust IntelliLogger operation via Modbus communications during program execution; Acknowledge IntelliLogger programmed alarms; Change IntelliLogger alarm thresholds during IntelliLogger program execution; Modbus RTUS Master or Slave option
Specifications:  USB mini connection for communication to a PC running HyperWare-II software; Easy access front panel buttons behind the protective clear door provide user control for Enable, Stop and Reset of the unit; Optional LCD display to view real-time readings of channel as well as calculated values, status messages, custom alarm and status messages, remaining memory, battery state of charge; Two green "status" LEDs on the front panel for user configuration; Blinking or steady ON modes are selectable; Dimensions: Basic Unit: 6"W x 9.2"H x 3.3"D