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Modbus RTU Client to BACnet/IP Server, 460 MRSBC

Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  The 460MRSBC moves data between a Modbus RTU Client device and up to 32 BACnet/IP Server devices. The 460MRSBC module bundles your BACnet/IP data and makes it available as Modbus RTU data. The module provides complete Modbus RTU Server and BACnet/IP Client capability.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Connects to a Modbus RTU Master; Functions as a BACnet/IP Client device; Supports 1200 Analog and 1600 Binary BACnet/IP objects; Move up to 100 Groups of 512 Contiguous Coils or 512 Contiguous Registers to or from your Modbus RTU Master; Map BACnet/IP Analog and Binary data directly to tags or registers in your Modbus RTU Master; Effortless Browser Based Configuration, no programming software is required; Simple data translation allows you to manipulate data as it passes between protocols
Specifications:  Size: 4.2" x 3.25" x 1"; Weight: 5oz.; Anodized aluminum enclosure; Din rail or panel mounting; LEDs Ethernet Link/Data LED, Ethernet speed LED, Power LED, & 2 general purpose LEDS on side.