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Advanced Micro Controls Inc

Nexus Distributed I/O Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  Multi-axis stepper motor controllers that can simultaneously control the position and velocity of up to four stepper motors. Its built-in network interface makes it simple to connect to a wide variety of PLCs that support Modbus TCP and many other industrial networks. The NEXUS plugs into the network (not the PLC/PAC) allowing for installation in a remote location convenient to the application, greatly reducing cabling time and costs. Encoder feedback for move verification is also available.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Communication via standard Modbus protocol - integrated network interface; Controls 1 to 4 axes of motion; Outputs step & direction or CW/CCW pulses to a stepper driver; Discrete inputs for home and over-travel limit switches; Wide selection of programmable move commands available; Din rail mounting simplifies installation; Distributed I/O allows for remote installation, saving cabling costs and rack space
Specifications:  Visit AMCI's product page for more info.