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E + E Elektronik GmbH

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter EE071

Type:  Sensor
Description:  The EE071 is optimized for flexible use in bus applications. The standard Modbus RTU protocol is implemented on the RS485 interface. The Modbus Transmitter EE071 is energy efficient and ideal for use in battery-powered devices.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Calibration data and all other measurement features such as linearization and temperature compensation are stored in the electronics inside the probe; Plug connection allows replacement within seconds; Humidity and temperature measured values as well as the calculated variables dew point and mixing ratio are available on the bus interface.
Specifications:  Measuring range: 0 - 100% RF, -40- 80C; Accuracy: 2%RH (0 - 90%RH), 3%RH(90 - 100%RH); 0,2C at 20C; Power Supply: 4-22V DC