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Temco Controls Ltd.

T3-NC Network Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  The T3-NC Network Controller is an Ethernet-to-Modbus gateway that can also manage occupied schedules of a Tstat5 network. It can support up to 254 TSTATs. This device uses Modbus communication and is easily installed within existing systems. It includes a real-time clock/calendar and a large memory space that allows customized scheduling.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Available with Zigbee or GSM option; Add as many network controllers as necessary for larger projects; Control up to 254 TSTATS; MODBUS Communication; 2 baudrate settings: 9600bps and 19200bps; Real-Time Clock/Calendar; Integrated daylight savings; Fully Programmable Scheduling scheme; 20 weekly schedule, 16 annual schedule assigned to any TSTATs; No volatile clock/calendar setpoint memory; PC Communication: Ethernet Port or RS232 Port; TSTAT Communication: RS485 Port or XBUS Port; In-System Programming over the network
Specifications:  Flame proof plastic enclosure; Rating IP31