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4i Edge 500, EFW4iE500

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  The 4i Edge 500 designed to protect and provide secure remote access to SCADA equipment for extreme temperature environments. With an all-in-one suite of features that includes firewall, routing, VPN and a deep-packet Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), it is a comprehensive industrial Ethernet connectivity solution. Endian's intuitive web interface makes it easy to deploy and manage.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Stateful Packet Firewall; Demilitarized Zone (DMZ); Deep-packet Intrusion Detection/Prevention System; Multiple Public IPs; SNMP support; VoIP/SIP support; Portscan Detection; DoS & DDoS Protection; SYN/ICMP Flood Protection; VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q trunking); DNS Proxy/Routing; Supports multiple Uplinks/WANs: Ethernet (Static/DHCP), PPPoE, ADSL; Automatic WAN Uplink Failover; Monitoring of WAN Uplinks; Quality of Service and Bandwidth Management; Active Directory/NTLM/LDAP/ RADIUS; Local Authentication; Destination NAT; Incoming Routed Traffic; One-to-One NAT; Source NAT (SNAT); IPSec NAT Traversal; Hot Standby (active/passive); Node Data/Configuration Synchronization; Firewall Stealth Mode; OSI-layer 2 firewall-function; Spanning tree; Unlimited bridges; Unlimited interfaces per bridge; IPSEC VPN - Encryption; 3DES, AES 128/256-bit,MD5, SHA1; Diffie Hellman (2, 5, 14, 15, 16,17,18); Authentication:Pre-Shared Key, RSA Keys X.509-certificates IKEv1; L2TP; DPD (Dead Peer Detection); NAT-Taversal; Compression; PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy); VPN Site-to-site; VPN Client-to-Site (Road warrior); Integrated Certificate Authority; SSL/TLS VPN (OpenVPN) - Encryption; DES, 3DES, AES 128/192/256-bit, CAST5, Blowfish; Authentication: Pre-Shared Key, X.509-certificates , Certification Authority, and Local Support for VPN over HTTPS Proxy (OpenVPN); PPTP Passthrough; VPN Client-to-Site (Road warrior); VPN Client for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; VPN Failover; Event notification & handling; NTP (Network Time Protocol); DHCP Server; SNMP Server; DynDNS; Rule-based logging settings (Firewall Rules); Syslog: Local or Remote; OpenTSA trusted time-stamping; Easy Web-based Administration (SSL); Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access
Specifications:  Scheduled Automatic Backup; Encrypted Backups via e-mail; Instant Recovery / Backup to USB Stick (EndianRecovery Key); CPU - AMD LX800; Memory - 512 DDR 400 (Wide Temperature); Ethernet - 2 x 10/100 Mbps; Storage - 4GB Compact Flash (Wide Temperature); Console - 1 x RS232 (Serial); USB 2.0 Ports - 2; Mounting - DIN Rail; Cooling - Fanless; Dimension - 81mm x 110mm x 135mm; Housing - Extruded Aluminum & Heavy-Duty Steel; Protection Rating - IP30; Power - 12 - 48VDC Redundant Input; Power Connection - Removable Terminal Block