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M2M Communications

M2000 Wireless Communicator

Type:  Remote Terminal Unit
Description:  The M2000 Wireless Communicator is a web-to-wireless remote monitor, control, and communication device. An internal cellular modem passes data between remote modbus devices and a secure web server. RS232 and RS485 serial ports are used to communicate with a large variety of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) such as programmable controllers and measuring instruments using the standard modbus protocol.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  As an Intelligent Modbus Master, the M2000 polls and reads data from specified addresses in modbus slave devices; as an Intelligent Modbus Slave, the M2000 is configured to accept commands and data from a Modbus master device. In both the master and slave modes, the M2000 will compare the data to customer-defined setpoints and automatically report to the web server when a specified condition exists or when one of the limits is exceeded; as a Web-to-Wireless Slave Modem, the M2000 can be used as a completely flexible wireless Modbus-to-cellular-to-web communication system, much like a simple modem. The modem mode does not analyze or format the data it receives; it simply transmits it to and from the web server.
Specifications:  Uses Cellular Control Channel Communication; No local cellular account required; 0.6 or 1.2 Watt transmit power at 824-849 MHz. Transmit power is automatically adjusted; Receive frequency: 869-894 MHz ; Compatible with the North American AMPS analog cellular system; The standard M2000 operates from 8-30 VDC (1.6 Amp peak current draw during transmit); extruded aluminum enclosure for indoor applications (6?x3?x2? high) makes it suitable for a wide variety of general monitoring applications; external NEMA 4 enclosure and integrated 120 VAC power supply also available