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Applied Motion Products

Modbus Step Drive + Motor, SWM24QF-3AE

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  SWM integrated steppers are IP65-rated drive+motor units, fusing step motor and drive components into a single splashproof and dustproof device. The space-saving design eliminates wiring and saves on cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. SWM24 steppers combine high torque NEMA 24 step motors with a sophisticated, 6.0 A/phase (peak-of-sine) step motor drive.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Rated IP65 for wet and dusty environments;M12 connectors; Anti-resonance; Torque ripple smoothing; Microstep emulation; NEMA 24 frame size; Stored programming option for stand-alone operation; Step direction, velocity and streaming command control modes; Modbus RTU for easy communication with PLC or HMI; Built-in incremental encoder
Specifications:  Supply Voltage 12-70 VDC ;Digital Inputs 3; Digital Outputs 1 Analog Inputs 1 single endedCircuit Protection: Short circuit, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-temp; Status LEDs 1 red, 1 green;Frame Size NEMA 24; Holding Torque 340 oz-in; Step Angle1.8 deg; Rotor Inertia 900 g-cm2; Length 5.03 inches; Weight 56 oz; Operating Temperature Range -20 to 50 C; Ambient Temperature Range -30 to 70 C; Ambient Humidity 99%; Insulation Class B (130 C);