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ProSoft Technology Inc

Modbus Client/Serve Enhanced Network Interface Module with Reduced Data Block for ControlLogix, MVI56E-MCMR

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  The Reduced Data Block implementation requires less backplane/network bandwidth; the smaller data blocks are easier to schedule and transfer on ControlNet networks. An ideal solution for remote chassis installations. The MVI56E-MCM and the MVI56E-MCMXT act as I/O modules on the ControlLogix backplane. Two independently-configurable serial ports can operate on the same or different Modbus networks. Each port can be configured as a Modbus client or server, sharing the same user-controlled 5000-word database.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  All MVI56E products are backward-compatible, allowing direct replacement of earlier MVI56 modules without the need to change existing controller programs; Enhanced features and flexibility without incurring reprogramming costs; Reduced Data Block implementation requires less backplane/network bandwidth; Smaller data blocks are easier to schedule and transfer on ControlNet networks; ProSoft Configuration Builder software (PCB), with CIPconnect, facilitates remote user access across the ControlLogix backplane through Rockwell's 1756-ENBT module; Configure, diagnose, and analyze process data and communications status; CIPconnect can bridge through multiple ENBT/CNBT links to connect to MVI56E-MCMRs installed in remote chassis for configuration and diagnostics; 4-digit LED display; Ethernet port provides a built-in web server to access documentation, module status, firmware update software, and support software; Local and remote configuration and diagnostics access available through the Ethernet Port
Specifications:  Single Slot - 1756 ControlLogix backplane compatible; 10/100 MB Ethernet port for configuration with Auto Cable Crossover Detection; User-definable module data memory mapping of up to 5000 16-bit registers; CIPconnect-enabled network configuration and diagnostics monitoring using ControlLogix 1756-ENxT modules and EtherNet/IP pass-thru communications; Sample Ladder Logic or Add-On Instruction (AOI) used for data transfers between module and processor; 4-character, scrolling LED display of status and diagnostic data in plain English; ProSoft Discovery Service (PDS) software finds the module on the network and assigns a temporary IP address to facilitate module access and configuration; Personality Module (non-volatile CF card) to store all configuration settings, allowing quick in-the-field product replacement by transferring the CF card