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Conductivity/Salinity Sensor, C4E

Type:  Sensor
Description:  The Digital C4E sensor stores calibration and history data within the sensor. This allows a "plug and play" system without re-calibration. Thanks to the Universal Modbus RS485 protocol, the PONSEL Digital C4E can be connected to all devices commonly used (Datalogger, Controller, Automat, Remote System...).
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  4 electrodes (2 graphic, 2 platinum); Range 0 to 200 mS/cm; Robust and Watertight
Specifications:  Measurement ranges conductivity: 0-200 micro S/cm, 0 - 2000 micro S/cm, 0 - 20 mS/cm, 0 - 200 mS/cm; Resolution: 0.01 to 1 according the range; Accuracy +/- 1 % of the full range; Measure range salinity: 5-60 g/Kg; Response time: < 5 s; Working temp 0C to 50C; Signal interface: Modbus RS-485 ( option SDI-12); Maximum refreshing time Max < 1 s