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Numerical multiparameter probe, TRIPOD

Type:  Sensor
Description:  The numerical TRIPOD allows measurement of up to 9 physico-chemical parameters at the same time, dedicated to the quality of water. Used in wastewater, surface water, fish farming, aquaculture, and drinking water.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Measures Temperature; pH, ORP; Conductivity, salinity, TDS; Oxygen (% Sat, ppm, mg/L); Turbidity (NTU, FNU), SS (mg/L); Measures up to 9 parameters with the same probe; Optimal oxygen measurement method; Communication via Modbus RS-485 or SDI12; Compact, strong, tight probe
Specifications:  Interface signal: Modbus RS485 /SDI12; Measurement frequency: < 1 s max; Power supply: 5-12 Volts; Dimensions: Diameter max. 75 mm, Length (without hook) 288 mm, Length with hook 394 mm, Weight 1300 g; Material: EPDM, PVC, Inox; Pressure: 5 bars; Connection: 9 armored connectors, polyurethane jacket, bare-wires or waterproof Fisher connector; Protection: IP68