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IAS Irrigation Systems

IAS XR3000, Agent™

Type:  Controller
Description:  The IAS XR3000 Agent™ Configurable Logic Controller exemplifies a new, more accessible form of automation controller. It allows users to implement and manage their own automation needs for many types of installations ranging from automated irrigation control, crop monitoring, reservoir management, and many other applications. It supports up to eight wireless sensors and can control up to eight independent outputs. All functions are accessible via any mobile device or Internet-connected computer with a browser. Notifications can be sent to any number of users via SMS, email or voice.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Simple Configuration; Cellular Internet Connectivity; Solar Panel Ready; Eight Relay Outputs; 4A MPPT Solar Charge Controller for External 12V SLA Battery; Battery Monitoring for Internal, External and Wireless Sensor Batteries; Supports Eight Wireless Sensors; Four Smart Sensor Inputs; Modbus Gateway via Modbus/RS485; Local Autonomous Control; Remote Control; OTA Firmware Upgradeable
Specifications:  Weatherproof IP67 Enclosure for Base Unit and Wireless Sensors; 21-pin Deutsch Connector; Solar Panel pos. and neg. External Connections; 12V SLA External Connections; Relay Secondary Supply External Connections; RS485/Modbus External Connections; CDMA or GSM Modem, all required Certifications; 900Mhz Radio FCC Certified; Internal GPS Antenna; Internal Cellular Antenna; External 900Mhz Antenna with 20' extension; Weight - 5 lbs