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Lika Electronic

RD5/RD53 Series AC/DC Drive Controls

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  RD5/RD53 series rotary actuators integrate a BLDC motor, the real multiturn absolute encoder, the position controller and the Modbus interface in a single unit. They are the space-saving and low cost solution to drive positioning and auxiliary axes and cut set-up and change-over time.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Complete programmability via free tool: target position, acceleration, deceleration, speed, travel limits, positive and negative jogs, scaling function, preset, counting direction, watch dog, serial line settings; extended diagnostics and status LEDs; boot loader utility
Specifications:  Industrial design with IP54 protection; mechanically interchangeable with position indicators and handwheels; T50 gear ratio; RD53 model with electromagnetic power off brake; 31 W BLDC motor; nominal torque: 5 Nm @ 60 rpm; starting torque: 12 Nm; M12 connectors; 18-bit real multiturn absolute encoder (1024 cpr x 256 rev.) installed in the output axis; general purpose I/Os.