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Molex, LLC


Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  SST™ communication modules for Rockwell ControlLogix systems connect Allen-Bradley ControlLogix to a Modbus Serial network. Each SR4 module has 4x serial communication channels that act independently and are electrically isolated from each other to perform powerful data exchange with industrial devices such Modbus Clients or Servers.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
Features:  Direct I/O mapping, no ladder logic to write for configuration and data transfer between module and CLX processor; I/O data refresh every PLC cycle; Fully integrated into the Rockwell Automation environment; User-friendly configuration tool with intuitive graphical interface; 4x RS232/RS485 Serial Modbus channels in a single slot; Paging access (AOI provided), with up to 32K words shared for Input, Output and Status data
Specifications:  CLXT modules withstand high-temperatures and perform in harsh, corrosive environments to meet a wider range of customer application demands; RLL support: remote configuration and monitoring via RSLinx; Add-On-Profile for Rockwell RSLogix5000; USB port for user configuration and firmware upgrade; Engineering console simplifies user configuration and diagnostic; Supports multiple modules in a chassis; Supports Local and Remote chassis; Built-in LEDs and 4 characters display