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Applied Motion Products

TXM StepSERVO Integrated Motors, TXMxxQ-xxG

Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  StepSERVO integrated motors use closed loop feedback and advanced control technology to create up to 50% more torque while consuming less power than open loop step motors. The closed loop performance also improves overall system accuracy because the motor does not stall. If the torque demand is greater than the motor can produce the controller produces a position error to alert the machine controller or operator. This is a benefit over open loop systems where the motor can stall and the controller is unaware.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
Features:  StepSERVO technology featuring space vector current control; Peak torques for greater acceleration and throughput; Higher efficiency, lower power consumption than open loop steppers; Hi-resolution encoders for closed-loop control; Q programming control mode for stand-alone operation; Modbus for easy PLC and HMI communication.
Specifications:  DC supply voltage (range varies by frame size); IP65 rated for wet and dusty environments; NEMA frame sizes 24 and 34; Step & direction, velocity, and streaming command modes; Stored Q programming for stand-alone operation; Digital and analog I/O for interfacing to sensors and other machine components; Short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-temp circuit protection. Click here to learn more about TXM StepSERVO Integrated Motors.