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Control Solutions, Inc. Minnesota

Babel Buster BB2-2010-NB

Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  Babel Buster BB2-2010-NB is a Modbus RTU RS-485 client/server used to connect LonWorks devices to a Modbus RTU network without binding or LonWorks network management outside of the gateway's own capabilities. A large number of data objects gives you flexibility in mapping Modbus registers to scalar or structured LonWorks network variables. Multiple registers may be mapped a single structured LonWorks network variable. Modbus holding registers, input registers, discrete inputs, and coils are supported.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Read/Write up to 300 LonWorks Network Variables as up to 400 Modbus registers; Supports structured network variables; Free topology LonWorks network; No LonWorks network management tools required; 32-bit ARM co-processor for greater processing power; Bidirectional LonWorks-Modbus communication; Supports Modbus "coils", input registers, holding registers; 16, 32-bit Modbus registers, signed, unsigned, IEEE 754; Support for "Mod10" 2, 3, and 4-register data formats; Modbus (master) polling interval configurable per point; Operation as Modbus slave also possible, user selectable; USB connection directly to PC for configuration; Configuration software provided at no extra charge; Internal flash card for simplified firmware updates; Hardened EIA-485 transceiver for Modus RTU; Modbus RTU baud rates: 1200 to 38400; Powered by 12-24V DC/AC 50/60 Hz; Power Consumption: 0.1A @ 24VDC; DIN rail mounting, 100mm H x 70mm W x 60mm D; Pluggable screw terminal blocks; Operating temperature, standard -25C to +85C; Operating temperature, extended -40C to +85C; Humidity 5% to 90%; FCC, CE Mark, UL 916 Listed
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.