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Control Solutions, Inc.

i.Report VP3-2290

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  Model VP3-2290 Global Remote Telemetry Unit is ideal for demanding remote alarm monitoring and data logging. It includes cellular GPRS 3G or CDMA radio built in. The VP3-2290 includes 12 hardwire sensor inputs which are universally configurable as analog, temperature (thermistor), or discrete/dry contact inputs. Two inputs have 30V range for battery monitoring. High-speed pulse counting is provided on 2 inputs. The VP3-2290 also includes 8 discrete inputs and 2 discrete outputs. The VP3-2290 includes a Modbus RTU port that can operate in client or server mode. The VP3-2290 also includes a CAN/J1939 port for applications such as engine monitoring.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Remote monitoring and data logging; Tracks 400 data points with dual alarm thresholds per point; Supports trending and report-on-delta for all 400 points; Cellular connectivity using GPRS 3G or CDMA; GPS tracking and geo-fencing for mobile apps (optional); ; Battery backed real time clock for timestamps; Programmable soft PLC included; Modbus RTU master/slave port; CAN 2.0b/J1939 communication port; Engine monitoring functions assigned to any data object; Over the air (GPRS/CDMA) control; Over the air (GPRS/CDMA) firmware update; 12 Universal inputs, 0-10VDC, thermistor, dry contact, 0-30VDC range on 2 channels, 4-20mA with external resistor, 16-bit sigma-delta converter, Continuously self calibrating; 8 Fixed discrete inputs, 0-30VDC input range, Voltage sense or dry contact closure to ground, Hardware pulse counter on 2 channels; 2 Discrete outputs, 30VDC 1A open drain FET; Internal temperature sensor; Hardened RS-485 serial port (Modbus RTU); USB port (connects to laptop for service); 32-bit ARM7 processor, 512K Flash; 128K EEPROM for configuration storage; Operates from 10-30VDC or 12-24VAC; DIN rail mounting, 100mm H x 105mm W x 60mm D; Operating temperature 0C to +70C; Operating range -30C to +70C optional
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.