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Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  The MI/O-67® communications module is the brains of the MI/O-67 platform and is the minimum required module to implement a fieldbus solution. Each communication module is capable of driving up to 32 solenoids (32 singles, 16 doubles max or any combination of the two up to 32 solenoids) on the MAConnect® stack. The module is capable of outputting 8A max (0.5 A max per channel) to the MAConnect stack. You can connect up to 12 additional modules to each communication module and have 8A shared across those additional modules. All of the MI/O-67 modules operate on a 24VDC negative common setup, attached to the MAConnect stack via a valve series specific adapter.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Compatible with MI/O-67® MAConnect® Technology; Designed to Meet IP67; Configurable Digital I/O Available; Analog I/O Available; PowerPlus® Available
Specifications:  Modbus TCP Compatible; 4-20 mA Analog I/O; 0-10 Analog I/O; 16 I/O Configurable Digital Module; 32 Solenoid Output; Pass-Through Communication