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Numag Data Systems Pvt Ltd

NSPEAK Voice Announcement System

Type:  I/O Module
Description:  This is a Voice announcement system with a built in speaker and RS485 interface which has provision to store voice messages in the form of MP3 files, on the device and play the required message under command from MODBUS MASTER . Very useful in the context of generating Voice Alert Messages in any Industrial Automation or Building Automation System. It implements Modbus RTU Protocol on RS485 network.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Built in speaker; Built in SD card (4GB) to store Voice Messages; Implements RS485 Modbus RTU protocol; MODBUS Slave device Address Programmable; Baudrate programmble; Messages , stored as MP3 files , are updated from PC; Modbus Master can issue Modbus WRITE REGISTER Command to play a chosen voice message
Specifications:  Central Processing Unit: SOC with integrated amplifier; Speaker Power: 10W Volume adjustment provided; Net connectivity: OPTIONAL. YES. 802.11/b/g/n WiFi interface built in RS485 interface: YES. Baudrate settable upto 115200. Programmable; Storage: 4GB SD card built in - for storage of messages; Protocol: Modbus RTU SLAVE device implemented. SLAVE ID programmable; POWER SUPPLY: +24V DC 500mA