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Integrasense Incorporated

Tru-Carb Carbonation Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  The Tru-Carb Carbonation Controller is a solution optimized for brewery and carbonated liquid management. It eliminates the guess work or need for lookup tables or continual samples and subjective Carbonation Test gauge measurements. The system is provided in a wash down industrial Polycarbonate enclosure with clear front protective cover, an integrated flow control / meter for the Carbon dioxide, a 3.5 inch color operator touch screen and integrated power supply, inputs and outputs, and relays. The system provides intelligent calculation and automated control of the carbonation level by monitoring the liquid temperature, tank head pressure and flow rate setting. The operator can setup and monitor the system via the operator interface. Integrated Modbus RTU / RS-485 communications allows the controller to be remotely monitored or to change set points. An optional master batch and recipe controller can be coupled with both fermentation and carbonation controllers to provide a fully integrated cellar control solution.
Connectivity:  Modbus RTU
Features:  Automated PID Temperature controller optimized for Brewery applications with enhanced Graphic display and optional Recipe functions.
Specifications:  See attached spec sheet.