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ModemTec s.r.o.

PLC modem, MT23R

Type:  Modem
Description:  The MT23R PLC modem is primarily intended for Modbus RTU communication protocol transmission over 230V powerline. The wide communication possibilities of the MT23T modem enable its usage either as client, server, or peer - peer mode where both modems are functionally equal. This capability in particular is applicable for Modbus protocol with dynamic master alternation configuration.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Reliable data transmissions in industrial environment; Transmission distance of several kilometers; No new cabling and construction changes necessary; Available serial interfaces: RS 232, RS 422, RS 485; Modbus protocol transmission over 230V/50Hz powerline; Protocol independency (not limited just for Modbus RTU protocol); Communication rate 10 kpbs
Specifications:  Power: 230V +10-15%; Input power at transmit: 15VA; Frequency range: 95 - 125kHz; Modulation: DBPSK; Communication distance: 3000m; Dimensions (including Power Source): 110x75x105mm; Modem mount: DIN35 stripe; Operation temperature: -20? C to +60? C; Limit temperature: -25? C to +65? C; Storage temperature: -30? C to +70? C; Safety class: III; Equipment complies with norms: CSN EN 61010-1, CSN 605829, CSN EN 61000-6-2, Cover IP 20 CSN EN 61000-6-3, CSN EN 60870-5, CSN EN 1434-3