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Warwick Wireless Ltd

X8200 Radio Modem

Type:  Modem
Description:  The X8200 Radio Modem transmits and receives half duplex serial data at baud rates of 1.2K to 115.2K by means of a FM Radio Transceiver operating on the UK and European licence-exempt bands and most other worldwide data frequencies. A 4K buffer memory is provided so that data can be passed asynchronously between the host and modem without the need for handshaking. The CTS output signal can be used for flow control in duplex applications. The over air data speed can be configured at either 5 kbps or 10 kbps. The set up menu of the X8200 can be accessed either by a PC running any terminal emulation program like Hyper Terminal in the accessories section or remotely over the radio link. The set up menu is selected either by connecting pin 6 on the 9 way D Connector to 0v or typing $ then ESC directly after the power has been applied. The menu configuration is permanently stored on EEPROM.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Operates on international licensed and licence-free radio bands; RF Bands: 147MHz to 174MHz VHF (400MHz to 500MHz UHF, 868MHz to 920MHz UHF); Distant Modems can be monitored and configured over the radio link; 17 to 99 selectable radio channels; Range 10km to 20km line of sight and 1km to 3km trough buildings for ERP of 500mW; RS232 & RS485 serial Interface with baud rates of 1.2K to 115.2K; Ethernet Interface Option; Over air commissioning and diagnostic features; Store and Forward Repeater Mode to extend range; Addressable individually and globally; On-line AT commands; Packetized Data, and Forward Error Correction options.
Specifications:  Conforms to ETSI 300-220, ETSI 300-113, ETSI 300-683, MPT1329, MPT1411; Low power standby mode.