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AMASS Data Technologies Inc.

Embedded Control Digital I/O Module

Type:  I/O Module
Description:  The ECDIO Digital I/O Module is a compact DIN-Rail mountable, full-function, digital I/O subsystem that is compatible with the following RS485 multi-drop networking protocols: AMASS Data?s ECN, SDI-12/RS485 and Modbus RTU. The ECDIO provides firmware-based intelligent digital I/O functions for its 24 I/O lines and uses the ECN, which supports up to 32 modules over a distance of 4000 feet on single or dual twisted pair cable.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Intelligent, full-function digital I/O module; 24 I/O lines; RS485 network interface; Network supports up to 32 modules; Includes periodic functions, read/write bits, read/write bytes; Failsafe periodic functions; ECN (standard), SDI-12, Modbus RTU; 2500Vrms optical isolation.
Specifications:  Processor: Atmel 89C52 @ 11.0592MHz; Memory: 89C52, 8 Kbytes FLASH, 256 bytes RAM; Connectors: ECNet ? Screw Terminals; Power Requirements: + 5V +/- 5% @ 250mA max; Environmental Characteristics: Operating: - 40 to +85 C, Storage: - 55 to +105 C, Humidity: <= 90% non-condensing