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ProSoft Technology Inc

Modbus Serial Module for CompactLogix L1 and Point I/O Adapters, ILX34-MBS232

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  The module can be used in CompactLogix L1 processors or Distributed 1734 Point I/O systems. Can be configured as a Client or Server.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Add-on Instruction creates UDTs, providing logical definitions for I/O, status and control data; Diagnostic data available in RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000 controller tags, for decisions to be based on node health; Configuration backed up in the CompactLogix project (ACD file); Serial port can be enabled or disabled through ladder logic. Supports up to 1,000 words of data, up to 30 Modbus Commands, and up to 35 words per command; Suitable for SCADA and field device interface applications
Specifications:  Configuration Environment RSLogix 5000/Studio 5000; I/O Size User selectable 16, 48, or 70 bytes; Baud Rate: 110 to 38.4K; Baud Stop Bits: 1 or 2; Data Size: 7 or 8 bits; Parity: None, Even, Odd; Modbus Modes RTU mode (binary) with CRC-16, ASCII mode with LRC error checking; Node Address 1 to 247