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ProSoft Technology Inc

Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet Module for SLC Platform, MVI46-MNET

Type:  I/O Interface
Description:  The MVI46 Modbus TCP/IP Communication Module is designed to allow SLC processors to interface easily with other Modbus TCP/IP protocol-compatible devices using client and server functionality. Compatible devices include not only Modicon processors (which support the Modbus TCP/IP protocol) but also a wide assortment of other clients and server devices.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Support for the storage and transfer of up to 5000 registers to/from the SLC processor using the block transfer or side-connect interface; User-definable memory; 10/100 MB Ethernet compatible; Configurable parameters for the client including a minimum response delay of 0 to 65535 mSec and floating point support.
Specifications:  Supports connections to Modbus TCP/IP clients supporting service port 502 using the standard MBAP protocol, and clients supporting Modbus on service port 2000; Five (5) independent server connections for service port 502; All data mapping begins at Modbus register 40001; No configuration required to implement server functionality; Modbus command support (Server); Events can be sent by ladder to the module; Each command can use 125 registers or 800 words; Supports word and byte swapping.