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ABB Totalflow 8000/8100 Btu/CV Transmitter

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  This "transmitter - like" natural gas analyzer provides for on-site gas analysis and heating value where conventional chromatograph technology is not practical. Fast analysis cycle and automatic setup features make installation and maintenance easy. Modular design makes mean-time-to-repair as short as a couple of hours. State-of-the-art digital pressure regulator and other electronics allow months between calibrations. Multiple protocols, including several versions of Modbus, are supported.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Modular Design - Sampling System, Stream Selector Module, Analysis Section contains a dual-train chromatograph in a single replaceable module, Controlling Electronics, Electronic Carrier Pressure Regulation; Microsoft? Windows? 95, 98, 2000, XP or NT based man-machine interface software; Lithium battery-backed RAM; Three remote serial digital comm ports (one local port); Comprehensive diagnostics; Three-level security code for access control; Audit-quality historical data, date and time stamped; Auto-start cycle automatically: 1) stabilizes oven temperature, 2) confirms modules' functions, 3) sets valve operation times, 4) locates natural gas components, 5) sets carrier gas pressure, 6) gates natural gas components, 7) validates/calibrates, 8) returns to pipeline streams; Operational alarms available with each analysis cycle; Detectors - glass encapsulated thermistor beads for rugged service and long life. Will not burn out on loss of carrier gas; Four and six port valves with no moving metal parts.
Specifications:  Designed for Pipeline-Quality Natural Gas. 800 to 1500 BTU per standard cubic foot (29.8 to 55.9 megajoules/meter3); Calculations Per: GPA 2172-96 (Z by AGA 8 or single virial summation)and 2145-00 Rev 2 or ISO 6976-95, GOST or ISO mass; Carrier Gas: Helium (consumption rate < 50 ml/minute during analysis cycle) Analysis Time: approximately three minutes, interval between cycles is user adjustable up to 500 minutes; Repeatability: + 0.5 Btu per 1,000 Btu (+ 0.05%); Three sample streams; One auto-calibration/validation stream; Temperature Range: Operation 0 F to 122 F, Storage -22 F to 140 F Dimensions: 21.75 in. W, 23.00 in. H, 14.00 in. D; Weight: approximately 80 lbs.; Weatherproof Construction: NEMA/Type -4X, aluminum alloy with white polyester powder coating or aluminum lacquer; Hazardous Area Certifications: 1) NEC & CEC Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D [Exia] T4, 2) ATEX 0344 II 2G EEx d, [ib] IIB T4; Mounting: Wall, pipeline; Supply Voltage: 12.5 to 16 volts DC; Power consumption (nominal): 6 watts; Power consumption (at start up): 25 watts; Modbus ASCII or RTU supported along with other protocols