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ABB Totalflow XFC 6410, XFC 6413, XFC 6713

Type:  Misc. Hardware
Description:  Totalflow XFC is an expandable electronic flow computer (EFM). The full-featured units are provided with an Integral Multivariable Transducer to measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature from a single differential pressure meter run. Multi-tube capability is included and is easily invoked with a few configuration changes and interface connection to external transducers, either digital or analog. The standard device includes two analog inputs, two digital outputs, and two state inputs (configurable as either digital inputs or pulse accumulator inputs). I/O modules can be added to extend the hardware I/O capabilities. This unit supports both AGA3 and AGA7 calculations as well as ISO 5167. Valve control and chromatograph interface for real-time gas quality update are standard. Users can perform additional programming with standard applications (holding registers and operations) or IEC 61131. Multiple protocols include several versions of Modbus.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Significant hardening against over-current and transients; Low-power design operates as low as 8 ma (<100 mW); Aluminum enclosure, powder coated; Rechargeable lead acid batteries; Solar, AC or DC charging options; Dual level security code data protection; Monitors user limits for alarming; 40+ days historical records; Event log defaults to 200 events (user configurable); Complies with API 21.1 standard for custody transfer devices; Flow and energy calculations per AGA 3-85, AGA 3-92, AGA 7; Super compressibility calculations per NX-19, or AGA 8-92 Gross or Detail method; Smart (temperature and pressure compensated) integral, factory calibrated, multivariable transducer (XIMV); Selectable 3 or 5 point calibration; Programmable DP zero cut-off; 100 ohm platinum RTD; Hazardous Area Classifications - CSA C/US CID1 Groups C/D, ATEX EExd11B, IECEx Exd11B
Specifications:  Dimensions: 12.756" W, 17.825" H, 10.269" D; Weight: approximately 15 lbs.; Maximum I/O modules: 0 - XFC 6410, 3 - XFC 6413, 6 - XFC 6713; Max Battery Capacity: 26 AH - XFC 6410 and XFC 6413, 42 AH - XFC 6713; Certification: designed to meet CSA/NRTL Class 1, Division 2, Groups C & D hazardous area classification; Mounting: Wall, pipe or direct; Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing; Power: 12 VDC; Charger: Solar or 16-18 VDC; Comm Ports: 1 - dedicated - PCCU (local configuration port), 2 - RS232 or RS485 (via board insertion modules); Microprocessor: High integration microcontroller with 20 bit address bus (1M), operating at 11 MHz; LCD Interface: 2 X 24 LCD; Keypad Interface: optional