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ABB S4C+ Robot Controller

Type:  Controller
Description:  The S4C+ Robot Controller with the ModBus option allows the Robot to act as both client and server on the factory ModBus TCP Network. No additional hardware needed to upgrade to ModBus if you are already a S4C+ owner. ABB currently has more than 100,000 robots supplied worldwide. The combination of patented software, precision hardware and total committment results in faster acceleration, as much as 25% better workcycle times, lower energy consumption and a MTBF (Mean-Time-Between-Failure) design specification of 50,000 hours.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  The Master part handles up to 32 slave modules(I/O-modules, etc.); All modules controlled by the master can be configured with individual "latest acceptable response time;" The Internal ModBus Slave accepts up to 5 simultaneous connections; The Internal Slave has 64 Holding registers for user data mapping.
Specifications:  ModBus TCP/IP on a 100/10 Mb Ethernet connection; Slave and Master.