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ProSoft Technology Inc

PROFIBUS Client for Modicon Modbus TCP, 5204SE-MNET-PDPMV1

Type:  Network Gateway
Description:  Automating integration for Schneider Electric® Modicon® processors and maximizing ease-of-use are the hallmark design criteria behind the ProLinx® SE line of communication gateways. The Application Communication Logic functions built into ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) automatically generate all the Unity Pro data types, variables, and logic required for the M340 or Quantum to perform PROFIBUS DP-V1 cyclic and acyclic communication.
Connectivity:  Modbus TCP
Features:  Designed to enable a Modicon M340 or QuantumPAC using Modbus TCP to act as a PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master; Generates Unity Pro version 4.0 DFB logic and variable files from gateway configuration; Automates the creation of application communication logic; Ease-of-use means faster deployment, less engineering effort, fewer programming errors; Automatically generated DFBs enable advanced PROFIBUS DP-V1 acyclic messaging with minimal engineering and programming effort; Acyclic messaging allows M340 or Quantum PAC to communicate directly with PROFIBUS DP slaves, to access special slave features, and to get extended slave diagnostics and process data
Specifications:  Power Supply 24 VDC nominal 18 to 32 VDC allowed Positive, Negative, GND Terminals 2.5 mm screwdriver blade; Current Load 500 mA max @ 32 VDC max; Operating Temp -4 F to 122 F (-20 C to 50 C); Storage Temp -40 F to 185 F (-40 C to 85 C); LED Indicators; Configuration Serial Port DB-9M RS-232 only; No hardware handshaking; Ethernet Port (Ethernet modules only) 10Base-T half duplex RJ45 ConnectorLink and Activity LED indicators; Electrical Isolation 1500 V RMS at 50 Hz to 60 Hz for 60 s, applied as specified in section 5.3.2 of IEC 60950: 1991 Ethernet Broadcast Storm Resiliency = less than or equal to 5000 [ARP] frames-per-second and less than or equal to 5 minutes duration; Application Ports Modbus Plus Connector Two DB9 Female Standard Modbus Plus connectors; Serial Port Isolation 2500 V RMS port signal isolation per UL 1577 3000 VDC min. port to ground and port to logic power isolation