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DGH Corporation

D1000M single-channel data acquisition modules

Type:  SCADA Hardware
Description:  The D1000M series modules convert an analog input signal to engineering units and transmit in ASCII format to any host with standard RS-485 or RS-232 ports. They use the Modbus RTU protocol for communication.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  D1000M modules are complete single-channel data acquisition systems. Each unit contains analog signal conditioning circuits optimized for a specific input type. The amplified sensor signals are converted to digital data with a microprocessor-controlled integrating A/D converter. Offset and gain errors in the analog circuitry are continuously monitored and corrected using microprocessor techniques. The D1000M converts the digital signal data into engineering units using look-up tables. The resultant data is stored in a memory buffer. The modules continuously convert data at the rate of 8 conversions per second and store the latest result in the buffer. Using RS-485 up to 247 modules may be linked to an RS-485 port. Because the Modbus protocol does not support echoing D1000M RS-232 modules may not be daisy-chained. This limits you to one RS-232 module per serial port.
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.