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Type:  Software - SCADA
Description:  NovaView Plus is a Microsoft Windows? based GUI software package providing all the data acquisition and control functions required for normal SCADA Master and HMI applications. NovaView Plus operates under the Microsoft Windows? operating system and uses a Microsoft Access or SQL Server as the database. NovaView Plus complies with Microsoft's Windows? Open Systems Architecture standards, such as dialog boxes, drop down menus, pop up windows, object re-sizing, etc. ActiveX controls provide visual images for breaker status, transformers, meters, manual switches, etc. Typical SCADA functions such as Passwords, Alarming, Data Archiving, and Tagging are available with the standard package. Additional functionality such as Trending, Dial-Up Voice Reporting, Text Reports, Load Forecast, Voltage Control, Redundant Masters, etc, are available for purchase. Development and runtime licenses are included with each copy of the software.
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP
Features:  Some of the features of NovaView Plus include: Data Acquisition; relays or meters; LTC Raise/Lower; Capacitor Bank Switching; Sequence of Events; Device & Group Tagging; Visual & Audible Alarms; System & Station One-Line Diagrams; On-line and Historical Trending; Load Forecasting; Outage Management; Customized Reports; Breaker Trip/Close; Select Before Operate; Reclose Block; Ground Trip Block; Auto Reclosing & Sectionalizing; Alarm/Event Reporting & Logging; Report by Exception; and more...
Specifications:  See attached spec. sheet.