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Type:  AC/DC Drive Control
Description:  Servo controller/driver for NEMA 17 & 23 frame microstep motors.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  Electronic Gearing/Camming; 100:1 Inertial Mismatch; Anti-Hunt?: Eliminates servo dither; Multi-Tasking (Run Programs During Motions); Position & Velocity Using Analog Input; Variable Torque Brake (Eliminates Slip Clutches); Memory Size: Program Buffer: 200 words, Non-Volatile: 32K bytes; Thousands of program lines and data storage; Analog Inputs: 4 Inputs (0 To +5 Volts), Continuous And Single Readings, Can Be Used For Motion Control; Digital I/O: 7 I/O Lines (All TTL Level), I/O Can Be Programmed For Input Or Output
Specifications:  Servo Cycle Rate: 120 microseconds = 8.33 kHz; Maximum Rotational Speed: 4000 RPM