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Software Toolbox Inc

Modbus Suite TOP Server

Type:  Software - Device Driver
Description:  Software Toolbox Server for Modbus Client (RTU/ASCII), Modbus Server RTU, Ethernet TCP/IP Client and Modbus Plus can be used with a large variety of Modbus capable units including GE, Siemens, JBus, Elliot Flow Computers, Parlow Temperature and Chart Recorders, Omni Flow Computers, Magnetek drives and others.
Connectivity:  Modbus
Features:  This server provides a data exchange connection between client software supporting OPC, DDE, FastDDE, SuiteLink, or AdvanceDDE interfaces and devices supporting Modbus RTU serial protocol over RS-232/422/485 connections. This includes Modicon PLCs and the thousands of other devices in the industry that support Modbus RTU serial protocol.
Specifications:  Modbus RTU Multidrop; Any Modbus RTU Compliant PLC, and any device supporting Modbus RTU; Jbus Support; Direct Support for Elliott Flow Computers; Direct Support for Partlow Temperature and Chart Recorders; Direct Support for Omni Flow Computers including string access; Direct Support for Magnetek GPD515 Drives; RTU Functions used: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 16; Adjustable RTS Flow timing for Radio Modems; Full Address Range Support (0 - 65535); Addresses can be entered in decimal or hexadecimal notation; User Definable Read Block Sizes; Adjustable Address Base ( 0 or 1 ); Multiple data formats such as Float, Long Word, and BCD are supported.