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ORMEC Systems Corp.

HMI-320 and HMI-640

Type:  HMI Hardware
Description:  flatpanel touchscreens
Connectivity:  Modbus, Modbus TCP
Features:  Available in six, eight and ten inch screen sizes (diagonal), with monochrome and color displays; Designed to provide the operator an effective way to control machine operation; Operator can easily be alerted to machine alarms and status conditions; Operator control functionality can be built into the HMI-320/640 representing a typical factory operator panel, without the bulky hardware, I/O modules and wiring needed to build it; Each individual panel can be designed and built in minutes using the ?drag and drop? graphical objects found in the EasyBuilder application development utility. Flexibility allows the designer to easily add and change control functions without having to physically add switches, legend plates, I/O modules and their associated wiring.
Specifications:  Graphical Panel Objects include Pilot Light (Bit Lamp); Word Lamp; Force Coil (Set Bit); Write Register (Set Word); Toggle Switch; Multi-State Switch; Function Key; Numeric Input; Numeric Display; ASCII Data; ASCII Display; Moving Shape; Animation; Indirect Window; Direct Window; Alarm Display; Trend Display; XY Plot; Bar Graph; Meter Display; Alarm Bar; Recipe Upload/Download; Event Display. HMI-320/640 units are cabinet mounted, and feature a gasket and four or six mounting brackets to maintain a NEMA 4 rating.